True Brit Perfumes

Superbly Crafted Bespoke Perfumes that showcase the Finest of British Living, from the splendour of London’s fashionable neighbourhoods to the quaint glory of the English countryside.

True Brit niche fragrances are the result of years of passion, energy and love of Kate Cavan our founder who once upon a time, had the wild and irrational dream of encapsulating the aesthetic beauty, sophisticated complexity and the harmonious charm of “Britishness" into a series of enthralling and captivating scents.

A beautiful scent canevoke your deepest memories and stir your fondest emotions. It has the power to transport you to a long-forgotten time and place, or to a future filled with dreams and possibilities. Your choice of perfume has as much an impact on your identity as the clothes that you wear. The best niche fragrances can offer you an inimitable quality of authenticity,and should be carefully chosen to convey an image that is confident,unforgettable and unmistakably you.

Whether sensual and intoxicating or light and floral,each scent offers the wearer a way to express their moods in a powerfully creative manner. Each niche perfume has been carefully balanced with a unique selection of top, heart, and base notes combining into a scent that has a positive effect on your mind, body and spirit.

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With these fragrances I strive to convey all the versatility, majesty, and beauty of Great Britain, which is so difficult to comprehend at first sight.

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