From an early age, I always had a passion for beauty and because of my love of aesthetics, I made a career in the beauty industry. For many years I worked in the nail industry, attended hundreds of workshops and conferences, organized a lot of presentations, and always aspired to be aware of all the latest novelties in the world of beauty. So, having worked for 30 years in this area, having met with amazing people who are creating history, I felt that I want myself to create something more.

In the city in which I grew up, I remembered that as a child, sitting in the garden, I noted with admiration what floral aromas are in the air. At that moment, I realized that I could create unusual, captivating aromas that fill my life with colors and I decided to make a dream come true.

I was fortunate that my career then took me throughout England, inspired by the life of business London. I enjoy the calmness in the picturesque, quiet villages and also feel all the beauty of the country with its centuries-old traditions.

While visiting one of England’s finest Stately Homes, I was inspired by the beauty and fragrances of the breath-taking flower gardens. In the air was an astounding bouquet of aromas, which collected the essence of British culture — elegance, nobility, ambition, royal luxury, and aesthetics, in all its manifestations. 

It was at that moment True Brit Perfume was born.

Since then I started looking for someone who could convey my sensations and embody the delicate and different aromas in real life.

At a meeting with François Robert, a perfumer in the fourth generation, at the well-known English fragrance producers “Quintessence” the real creativity began. The birth of wonderful and unique aromas for our niche brand.

 With these fragrances, I strive to convey all the versatility, majesty, and beauty of Great Britain, which is so difficult to comprehend at first sight.

I hope you will enjoy your voyage through this amazing country together with the richness of TRUE BRIT Perfumes.